Tryout Rules:

Tryouts will take place around NC and SC to give all athletes a chance to showcase their talent in front of the Carolina Bowl Tryout Staff.  This is the best way to get an opportunity to get into the game.  There is a possibility that a player will get chosen from these Tryouts to be in our game but still will have to go through the vetting system that is in place.  All players that make Top Prospect List will receive an award for being a Top Prospect Award Winner and recognized at the Tryout. Tryouts typically last around 3 hours and focus on several areas of importance.

Tryout Drills

  • Agility Drills (40 Yard Dash, 3 Cone Drill, & Broad Jump) (Warm up and 2 scored reps per event)
  • 1 on 1 Drills (QB & WR v/s CB, FS, SS) (RB V/S LB) (OL V/S DL) (Warm up and 5 Scoring Reps)
  • 7 on 7 Drills (Including full team Soft Rush Technique Session)

Scoring Matrix:(All Scores are Averages to determine our Top Prospect Watch List Rankings!)

  1. Zero – Busted assignment.
  2. One – Assignment is correct, but the technique used is incorrect.
  3. Two – Correct assignment and technique is correct.
  4. Three – Sellout or made something special happen. (Explosive Play, Touchdown, Sack, Tackle for a Loss.)
All Camps will be assigned an additional score based on the overall talent level attending the camp.This will be averaged into each Top Prospects score to properly evaluate each camp as well as talent present.

Traits in athletes that the Carolina Bowl values:

  1. Work Ethic in each Drill
  2. Body Language
  3. Relational skills as it pertains to others in the camp.
  4. Can you retain instruction and preform under presser?


Available Tryouts